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Top 5 Best Link Building Strategy To Rank Your Website – Guide For 2019

Want to rank higher on google? You must have to know these 5 effective and tested Link Building strategies of 2019. In 2018-19 link building is the most important part to rank your website and Google also confirmed that.

Till today, Google’s search algorithm is based on the links. If you have great quality links from many authority websites, you will rank higher on google for sure.

If you are a newbie and don’t know what is link building then

Link building is a method to take links from different websites on your website. You can rank higher by making links but wait you need to read the whole article. Beacuse link building is not about just making links. You need to follow some other tips also.

Link building is the most important part of SEO & OFF-PAGE SEO.  Yes, you are right, link building is the main part of Off-page SEO.

Here I am going to talk about the best 5 link building strategies which are really effective in 2019.

I have made a simple infographic for you. I think you may link this one. Please give your feedback on the infographic below in the comment section.

link building infographic

So, I think you have understood the topics. Now let’s discuss the topics one by one.

Link building strategies are basically two types:-

  1. Aggressive Link Building
  2. Organic Link Building

So let’s discuss the types of link building strategies.

Aggressive Link Building

This type of link buildings are used to rank event blogs and short time microniches. It just making 50+ daily links with different types of Anchor text.

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This type of link building is not recommended by me. Offcourse they will increase your ranking but, it will not going to stay for long.

If you are going to rank your websites for long-term then never follow this link building strategy.

Organic Link Building

This is the best way to get high authority links and contextual links on your website. In this post, I am going to talk about Organic Link Building Strategy. For this, you need to make your content awesome and effective also.

I have already written an article on Top 5 On-Page SEO technics read the article. I have mentioned the 5 most important technics, How you can make your content better and also better for SEO. So check the article for sure, If you want to make content for Google.

This type of link building helps you rank higher for a long time but remember you need to work hard. You need to write a good quality content and reach out to the high authority blogs. Don’t be afraid I will discuss everything steps by step.

So, let’s go straight to the topic.

This 5 technic helps me to rank my many websites. I am sure it will definitely work on your case also.

1) Broken Link Outreach Technic

This is the easiest way to get contextual links from any website. You need to find broken pages which are not available related to your article niche. Just check the backlinks of the broken page, [ I prefer you to use Ahrefs for backlinks]

Send emails to the website owners who are giving links to the broken link and tell them “Hey you are linking to a broken website, I have also the link of an updated URL” You can write this type of emails.

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You can also contact them on facebook it will be better than email. Most of the website owner will response on facebook.

2) Guest Posting

Yes, I think you have already heard about guest posting. According to Moz guest posting is the best way to collect some healthy links. You can read the article of Moz “Importance of guest posting

If you are thinking that guest posting is easy then wait, You need to write a fabulous content to get a guest post from any website. You have to write unique content also. So write the article on your relevant niche and send it to the website owner, where you want to take the link.

You can use Drop my link to get the list of the website who are accepting guest posts. It is really a good tool for link building.

3) Forum Links & Profile Links

If you created a new website and no one giving you any kind of links Then forum & profile links can help you. You can easily rank any low competitive keywords using this link building strategy.

Remember, Nowadays google is not indexing this type of links easily. However, I will write an article on How to index these type of links. So don’t worry about that.

Make links from high DA PA websites and forums. It will give you the initial boost on your Google ranking.

4) Social Signals

Yes, you need to tell the world about your website. Give some social signals on your relevant niches. Like groups and pages. If your content is awesome then someone definitely contacts you about your website. You can take the link from them.

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Also, social signals help your traffic and your Google ranking also. So try to get some Social signals from different social media platforms. I always recommend Pinterest.

5) Comment Links

This is the easiest to get links. Just comment on your relevant websites and get some links from them. Remember to check the link type, If it is do-follow then you can comment on the website.

You can find the list of the websites who are giving DO-FOLLOW links, Also you can choose your niche on Drop my link. I have mentioned the website before. You must visit the website if you are starting your website’s link building.

Do not take links from the websites, which are already spammed by thousands of comments. Try to find low comment websites.

Final words

Remember do not try to make a huge amount of backlinks in one day. Make a decent amount of links on your website. Off seo is the most important part of Google’s algorithm.

Just follow the 5 steps and I am sure you can rank your website higher on google.

If you like the post please share with your friends it will help us to grow. Also, give me your suggestion about this post and tell me your link building strategy also.

That’s it for today, See you in the next post. Have a great Day 🙂

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