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Top 5 On-page SEO Technics You Must Follow In 2019

If you heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you must know about On-Page Optimization. It has the most important role in SEO in those days.

If you are a newbie and don’t know what is On page optimization is, then-

On page optimization refers all the things you can do on your website/blog-post to rank your website and also make the visitors feel great.

These days this is the most important part of SEO.

Confused? ok, let me explain. On-page, SEO is nothing but fixing the website’s issues and page titles, Interlinking, Outbound Linking, Meta tags and all the things you can do on your website or blog post.

Basically, Google’s Bot will check your content’s relevancy by the title and alt tags, Descriptions and much more factors. The more relevant your content is the higher ranking you will get.

In this post, I am going to talk about the top most important On-page SEO tactics you should follow in 2019.

If you are looking for the best actionable technics, then here is a small infographic for you. I think you will love this one.

onpage seo infographic

So let’s elaborate the tactics and also I am going to give an Extra On-page Tips on this article. First of all those tips are personally tested by me and all of the technics are working very well.

Before starting the post, let’s clear some misconceptions about On-page optimization.

1) You can’t rank no 1 using On-page SEO in a competitive keyword, You need to make some quality backlinks also.

2) Off-page SEO also has some great influence on the Google ranking factor. So you need to do both things if you want to rank higher in google.

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On-page Seo will also make your content better to the readers also. Also, beware of over optimization, Do not use keywords more than 3% in your content. Use a decent amount of keywords in your posts.

So let’s talk about the main topic.

Top 5 On-page SEO Technics To Rank In The 1st Page Of Google.

I have added the most important factors of On-page SEO in this post. If I have missed any important point then please let me know in the comment section below.

1) Page & SEO Title

The page title is the headline which appears at the first of your post. This is the most important thing to attract the visitors. So put your keyword in the page title and make the page title catchy.

Also, don’t forget to change the SEO title. Basically, google show the meta title of the post on their search results. So make sure to change the SEO title aka Meta title. Use your keyword at the first on your meta title.

Also Use modifiers like “Top”, “Best”, “Review” etc It will help you to rank in LSI keywords. Also, Brian Dean (An SEO expert)  told it on his website called “Backlinko“.

2) Make Your Post’s Readability Good

This is the most important part of SEO. Do you know that Google recently updated their algorithm called Rank Brain? Now your bounce rate also going to effect on your ranking.

Confused? Let me explain, If visitors do not stay on your blog then google will down your ranking. So you need to decrease your bounce rate by adding Infographics & Videos. That is relevant to the post.

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3) Use your keywords on H1, H2 tags, and Permalink

Yes, You need to use your keywords on H1, H2 and also in your post. Include your keywords in the permalink also and remember to make your permalink short and sweet. Because Google loves the short and sweet links.

Here is the example:-

If you are going to write on “Best smartphones 2018″ then your permalink should be


not like this ” https://yoursite.com/2018/08/best-smartphone-of-2018″

So make your permalink more attractive and short. It will also help you to gain social traffic. because people can guess about the post. So if they are interested then they will definitely click on the URL.

4) Use some High Authority Outbound links on your post

These days most of the bloggers don’t want to link any third party sites but this is a huge mistake you should link relevant authority websites for your ranking. Yes, you are right outbound links can improve your ranking in google.

Also, you can exchange the links from high authority sites.

Some SEO expert did a small test on a keyword which has no search results. They build 10 websites on the keyword. They added high authority outbound links on the first 5 websites.

At last which websites have an outbound link google rank them higher than the other website.

Yes, it is true. You must add at least 2-3 high authority outbound links on your website.

5) Keep updating your content

Our website ranking on the first position ? but wait it will not be the no 1 forever. google always throw away the old contents. So you need to update the content every month or every 2 months.

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Believe me, this is the most important factor of Google ranking.

Google love new and valuable contents. So always keep your website updated.

6) Word Count (Extra Tip)

Make your post at least 800+ words with inbound links, Outbound links, good original images, and infographics. It will help your readers and also your ranking on google.

If you write more words, the chances of ranking will increase. Also, it will lead you to rank on the Long Tail Keywords. So remember that Long and thorough content always loved by Google.

Final Words On On-page Optimization

Remeber if your readers will appreciate your work then google will definitely rank your website without any trick. So make your content for your readers not for search engines. Use images, videos which is attractive to users.

The more time the user will spend on your website, The more chances you will rank higher on google. Also, make a good knowledge of Off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO is also an important part of SEO. So first focus on your ON-PAGE and make your content charming.

You can also take ideas from your competitors, Who is ranking higher on google. Mix the topics of the top 3 websites and make a big and thorough content.

So if you liked our post then please comment your thoughts on our comment section below and also share with your friends who are interested in SEO and Blogging.

If I missed any important point then please let me know in the comment section. Also, suggest me the next topic in the comment section.

About the Author: Samrat Ghosh

Samrat Ghosh is the founder of Bloggers Feed. He is an SEO expert and also a Technical Geek. You can find him on Facebook


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