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How To Start Your Blog In 2019? – Best Niches, Link Building Technics, Expert Reviews

Another article on “How to start blogging and make money online”, Articles related to revenue are often annoying but this article will give you an idea of how to start a blog and earn from it in 2019. So Let’s get started.

Today, in this article we will not discuss any technical items such as How to Install WordPress?, Optimizations and all that. We only discuss the best niches, link building technics, and all SEO factors which will be the best for 2019. Because if you want to make money from your blog, then you have to maintain a good SEO profile.

what inside the post

In this post, we have added some very important pieces of stuff and the ground level reports. Also, we are going to discuss on SEO of 2019 with some upcoming stars of the blogging community, those who never invested so much money on their blogs but still they are making a good amount of money from their blogs.

1. What Will Be The Best Niche For 2019?

As per the experts, every niche has great potential, if you are interested in that. If you are a newbie and don’t have a big budget, then you must have to go with some low competitive keywords. So, how to find some great Low competitive keywords?

First of all, you have to learn how to search keywords properly and find out some low competitive keywords. You can follow Bloggers feed or some good blogs and youtube channels which I have mentioned below of this post.

If you want to speed up your learning process then you must have to purchase some good SEO tools. Yes, I always suggest everyone, to use some good SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Etc. They are really high in price so you can purchase from Group Buy Tool Services available on the internet to start learning at low budget.

Here are some niches which may be the profitable niches for 2019:- [Expert Advised Niches]

  • Apk niches
  • Affiliate Niches
  • Us Based tech niches
  • Finance Niches
  • Or Any High CPC keyword Niches

And don’t go with any Indian niches if you are using Adsense to monetize your content. Believe me, you will get $00 CPC for your traffic and I have tested already.

2. Link Building Strategies For 2019

In 2019 you must focus on organic link building technics. However, you must have to build some comment, profile and forum links to get the starter link juice. As per the experts, do not make links from high OBL (Out Bound Links) sites. What is High OBL websites? Yes, we have explained it below. Before that, we must know how to get organic links free of cost.

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Also, there are so many effective ways to get organic links from various websites Such as –

  • Broken Link building
  • Guest Post
  • Infographic links
  • Etc

In this post, we will discuss on broken link building, Guest post, infographic share technics in short. However, we will write some articles on these topics. So just hit the like button of our facebook page to get notified.

Find Broken Links Of Our Competitor and Steal the links:- [Using Ahref Tool]

This method is my all time favorite, I frequently use this method to get good authority links on my micro niches and long-term sites. How to do that? Yes, check the video from Ahrefs’s official youtube channel.

Video ( How To Find Broken Link, & Steal Them :p )

If you have any question after watching the video you can comment down below I love to solve your problem. Also, you must check all videos of ahrefs’ official Youtube channel those are very helpful.

Also, you can find out some expired domains relevant to your niche and reach to the websites, who gave links to the expired domain. You have to write the same article of the expired domains, in this case you can use Wayback Machine to check the contents of the expired domains.

Guest Post Technic:-

This is the oldest and the best method to gain some organic links. You have to find websites taking guest posts using Google Dorks. Nowadays many websites offering paid guest posts, you can purchase some good website’s guest posts. It will definitely help you to rank on google.

Now to how to find free guest posting blogs? It is very easy. Just follow the steps.

  1. First open Drop My Link tool and signup if you are new on the website.drop my link 1
  2. After that, log in using your credentials on the website.
  3. Now you can find a search box to type your keyword/niche. Type your keyword or niche relevant to your content.drop my link 2
  4. After that, you can find a box called category below of the keyword input box. Select guest post on it.
  5. Now you have to choose any footprint, Try with every footprint available on the website and hit the search button.
  6. You can find many websites taking guest posts without any money.drop my link 3
  7. Just contact them and drop your content with your website’s link.
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Infographic Links:-

One of the most simple method to get links from any website. Just create an awesome infographic and send the website owners who need the infographic.

You have to find the websites manually, or check your competitors. We will publish a separate article on this topic so, read that.

Comment, Profile, and Forum Links:-

This is the most common link building strategy for a Starters. As per my experience, this link building strategy definitely gives you a good link juice for your blog or website. But you have to perform this strategy very carefully.

Because if you will start making a huge amount of links in a short period, then it will lead your website towards spam. Maybe your website can rank for a few days but it will not stay for a long.

If you are working on events or short-term niches, then you can go with spammy technics (Not recommended by me).

Always remember, you have to make links from low OBL websites. You can easily find out which website is low OBL or high OBL using the Ahrefs tool. Check the Screenshot below.

This is an example of High OBL website. (Try to avoid this type of websites)

high obl website example

This is an example of Low OBL website. (Try to Make Links On this type of websites)

low obl website example

3. Others (Web Hosting, Domain Offers)

If you want to speed up your website, then you must have to purchase a good quality hosting. A good quality hosting will increase your user experience, page speed, and traffic intake capacity. Currently, I am using Digital Ocean for my all live blogs. You can take 10 months $50 free digital ocean credit using Github student pack.

If your budget is low and you want to get started with a low-cost web hosting, then check our article on “Best Low-Cost Shared Web Hosting Provider” We are also going write an article on how to get a free digital ocean with $50 credit, follow us on our social handles to get a notification.

Now let’s talk about the domains, How to purchase good quality domains at a very low price? The answer is, just go to Live TLD price checking website and check all TLD prices and grab them. I myself use this website, which is very accurate and you can easily find out some hot TLD offers.

Many resellers selling TLDs at a very low price, you can find out some trusted resellers from trusted facebook groups.

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3. Expert Advise & Reviews (Niche Reviews, Link Building Technics)

Yes, Finally we have talked with SEO expert about the niches and link building technics. We have added the whole conversation

Interview with Manish Sharma [From]

We have asked some important questions and these are the answers.

Bloggers Feed: question 1

Manish: answer 1

Bloggers Feed: question 2

Manish: answer 2

Bloggers Feed: question 3

Manish: answer 3

Bloggers Feed: question 4

Manish: answer 4

Bloggers Feed: question 5

Manish: answer 5

Thank you very much Manish for joining us and giving your valuable advice to our readers <3

Summary Of The Interview:-

You can start any niche if you have an interest in that topic. You need some time to grow but you will definitely rank if you follow a routine and build good content for your readers. Never afraid of any niches you can go with anything you want. Just learn and get started.

Summarization Of The Post:-

In short, just start the niche you are interested in. You can easily rank your website / Blog if you work properly and follow the new methods of SEO. Currently, Google focusing on authority so try to build some authority on your website.

As a newbie first invest in your short-term niches and make some money then put the money into your authority blog. Currently, I am also doing that, so I can’t tell you the full journey of my authority building.

So, that’s it for today. If you want to get daily updates from Bloggers Feed then you can follow us on our Facebook, Twitter. Share the post with your friends and help your Bloggers Feed. Please Leave a comment it will take just 1 minute, tell me your opinion on this topic. We will surely update the post with your ideas too. Thank You <3

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Basically, In this post, we have discussed how you can start your own blog in 2019 and start earning from it. We have added expert advise and much more fun stuff. If you liked our post, then please drop your review Here !!

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  1. Great Post over here and very nicely presented.
    I have one question for you

    Suppose Your Keyword are ranking on 1–3 pages of google and some in top 5 of google’s 1st page but there is no traffic. What would you suggest to do? How to gain traffic and what will be link building strategy according to you.

    1. In this case, You have to check the LSI keywords which have a decent amount of traffic. You just put your main keyword on Ubbersuggest or Ahrefs tool and you can check the LSI keywords which have a good amount of traffic. Try to write posts on the LSI keywords or Add on the main post. By the way, thank you for your comment. If you have any question related to this you can contact me on facebook.

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