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Top 5 Best Low Cost Web Hosting With Amazing Quality [Unbiased Review]

If you want to rank your website on Google, Page Speed is the main key factor. You have to make your website faster than others. So How do you make your website / Blog faster? So the answer is choosing a fast web hosting.

Nowadays web hostings are very high in price and also they are providing very cheap quality servers but wait, wait I found 5 awesome web hosting companies which is based in India and they provide very low price hosting with great quality. I have used all of the mentioned web hostings personally and this article reflects my personal experience.

Before starting the article, I would like to tell you that this post is not sponsored by any company, This is a unbaised review of the hosting companies.

So, I have shortlisted the hosting companies based on 

  • Quality
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • User Experience

Remember, All of these hosting companies are very good in quality. This is a simple comparison of the hosting companies. If you thought I have missed any point then please let me know in the comment section below.

In this post, I am not going to mention some big companies like Godaddy, Bigrock. Because in my opinion if you want to purchase a good quality server in a cheap budget then these companies cannot provide you the best.

So without any further time let’s get started.

1) Royal Clouds: Best Service & Servers ($1.99/Mo)


Yes, If you want to purchase a good quality web hosting then Royal Clouds is the best option you can go with. They really give you the 99% Uptime for sure and their server quality is also good enough.

I have already hosted a few of my websites, they are working like charm. Speed is good enough and it can also take A good amount of real-time (Est: 500+) also they are providing you the Litespeed web servers.

SupportLive Chat (Avg. Response 5 Min)

Here are the ratings and all the details of the hosting. I have provided My affiliate link of Royal cloud so If you want to buy any hosting from Royal Clouds then please use my affiliate link So I can earn some commission through that. Thanks 🙂

For Bloggers Feed Reader Royal Clouds giving a special discount offer on their monthly plans. Check the offer below.

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  Host With Royal Clouds

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Why Royal Clouds #1 In The List?

If you need a good quality server and good uptime then Royal cloud is the best option. The customer service is also decent [There is no customer care number] You need to contact them using live chat and using Support Ticket.

Don’t worry they are very responsive. Around 5 – 8 Min you will get the answer. In this price point, this is the best web hosting in the market.

Also, these servers are capable to take 500 – 1000 real time. It basically depends on your optimization skill & the plan you have chosen.

Also, they are providing WordPress optimized hosting for WordPress website.

I basically love there Uptime and server speed.

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2) Reform Hosting: Best Customer Support & Servers ($1.43/Mo)

reform hosting

If you want to make your website super fast and also you need a 24*7 Customer support, then Reform hosting is the best company in the market.

Reform hosting is providing the best quality web hosting services with their Dell powered bare metal servers. It’s been more than one year that I am using Reform Hosting’s Shared packages without any technical issues. Frankly speaking, you can’t get the quality which is given by Reform hosting from any other hosting service provider.

They are using the latest technical specs on the market. Also, remember Reform hosting is powered up with Nginx which will boost your website 2x Faster than other hosting service providers.

But still the servers of Reform hosting is Super fast, and at this price point, I am sure no one can beat Reform Hosting.

SupportOn Call Support (Best)

Here is Bloggers Feed Rating of Reform Hosting. Currently, They are giving free domains on their annual web hosting which is a great offer.

Wait, Wait Reform hosting giving 30% off to every Bloggers Feed Readers just use ” BLOGGERSFEED ” on the payment page and you will get the offer. Click the button below and check Reformhosting’s awesome plans.

  Host With Reform Hosting

Why Reform Hosting #2 In The List?

Undoubtedly Reform hosting is one of the best hosting company on the market. For best quality web hosting reform hosting is the leader of all the web hosting companies.

Why Reform hosting is no 2? Because They are new in the market That’s why I have put them into the 2nd position but they are the best service provider all of the internet.

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They are using the latest software on their servers and they don’t use any kind of Reseller hosting. So you can fix your issues very quickly by them. Because they have the full control of the server.

” I loved their customer support and Server Speed “

3) Host Upgrading: Cheapest Price & Awesome Support ($0.42/Mo)

host upgrading

This is a new web hosting company based on UP (Uttar Pradesh). Currently, they are providing Shared Hosting,  at the very cheap price. I have used their shared hosting which very fast and secure.

As it is a new Startup company they are giving a huge amount of discount with great service. So if you want to buy a good quality hosting at a cheap cost then Host upgrading is the best option.

According to the admins of Host Upgrading, they are going to launch their VPS (Virtual Private Server), Dedicated server soon.

If you purchase any hosting from Host Upgrading, They are giving you free SSL for the life which is a Great deal for all bloggers and web developers.

SupportLive Chat (Awesome)

Wait, Wait for it is not over, Host Upgrading also giving a special discount for Bloggers Feed Readers check the offer below.

[Get 25% Off if you use the coupon code “BLOGGERSFEED” on the payment page]

  Host With Host Upgrading

Why Host Upgrading #3 In List?

Because it is a new company but and they are not providing VPS & Dedicated Servers. That’s why I have listed Host Upgrading on number 3 in the list. However, if you are going to buy a shared Hosting then creative Buddies is the best choice.

They are providing high quality hosting at a very affordable price point. This is the most important thing.

Also, the creative buddies help you to fix any kind of server issues via live chat and believe me it is very responsive.

They have a dedicated customer support team, they are expert in the game.

” I loved Their Super fast shared hosting & the awesome customer support”

4) Hostkarle: Best Server & Pricing ($0.99/Mo)


Hostkarle is Ahmedabad based company and one of the best company for hosting and domains. If you need the best quality shared hosting with a great speed, then Hostkarle is the best choice for you.

Also, it is a very old company and very trustful. All of the companies I have mentioned in the list is also very trustful and they have a great reputation in the community.

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SupportLive Chat

Hostkarle also providing KVM VPS servers which are really powerful. Also, the price is low and the quality is awesome.

  Host With Hostkarle

Why Hostkarle #4 In The List?

Because hostkarle’s customer support is not as good as other hosting companies on this list. That’s it is on the number 3.

By the way, they are updating their Customer Support. Nowadays they reply within 5 min (On Live Chat and also on their ticket service.

Remember the company is very old and has a good reputation in the blogging community. Their servers capable to take a huge amount of traffic so it is a plus point of Hostkarle.

“I love Their Hosting Very Much and also their server speed”

5) Hostlelo: Best Traffic Handler & Price ($1/Mo)


This is the best web hosting if your website or blog has a great amount of traffic. Hostlelo servers are also great quality and the price is really cheaper than any other hosting company.

If you are a marketer and your website face a huge amount of traffic then hostlelo is for you.

SupportLive Chat, Whatsapp

Also the other hosting companies on the list capable to hold a good amount of traffic. But hostlelo is the best. Besides, it is also an old company and very trustful in the blogging community.

  Host With Hostlelo

Why Hostlelo #5 In The List?

Because their customer service is a little bit slow. They response very slow compare to others however they have a good chat support team and experts to help you.

Also, it is a very trustful company in the market and the price is very affordable.

If you are looking for a cheap cost web hosting with good speed then this is the best choice for you.

Final Words

This is a short list of best cheap rate web hosting services used by me. I have listed the names according to my experience and server speed.

Most of the hosting companies in the market like GoDaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator can’t provide you the service which is provided by the 5 companies listed here.

Again, This post is 100% unbiased and none of the companies paid me to make this post. It is based on my judgment.

About the Author: Samrat Ghosh

Samrat Ghosh is the founder of Bloggers Feed. He is an SEO expert and also a Technical Geek. You can find him on Facebook

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