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Best 5 Highest Paying URL Shortners: Short Urls To Make Money [2019 Update]

Do you have a massive amount of traffic? Can’t generate money from your Adsense account? Then Url Shortner is the best way to make money these days. So, recently I noticed an issue that many bloggers having problems related to their Adsense account. Most of them are facing policy violations issues because they are using their Adsense accounts to monetize the pirated content websites [Like:- Movies, Songs, Vidoes].

So, Micro-niche site owners of movies, songs, videos, apk sites unable to make a handsome amount of money.  If you are one of them and you also want to make money but your Adsense account already banned then Follow the post until the last word, and I am sure it will help you.

In this post, we are going to discuss on the Top 5 highest paying URL shortener websites. We have collected the best URL shortener available on the internet. Also, we have checked their payment process and here are the brief details of that.

Before Starting The Article, We are not paid by any of these website. However we have added affiliate links to generate some money but we have cheked each and every website carefully and then listed them in this list. This list is 100% unbaised and result of our real experience. So let’s get started.

We have checked and used 100+ websites and filtered these websites in our list, Based on their payment, earning, landing page process.

Top 5 Highest Paying Url Shortener List

Here are the best url shorteners, using them you can make a tremendous amount of money. If we missed any website, then please let us know in the comment section below. This list based on India, So if you are an Indian, then this list will be relevant to you.

 #1. ILinkshort (Expired)

This a new url shortener in the market, moreover If you are an Indian blogger or website owner, Then this website can Help you to generate a good amount of money. This website’s landing page is very clear and your visitors and easily find them. We have attached the landing page design along with this post.

ilinkshort preview

Also, We have mentioned the pros & cons of this website. So before using this website don’t forget to check the features and pros & cons.

Features Of ILinkshort

There are many features to discuss, but we have choosen some key features and listed below. You may like many more features of the website, So don’t forget to mention it on the comment section So others can figure out the part.

Features Of ILinkshort
CPM$6 (World Wide)
Minimum Payout$1
Landing Page Rating4.0/5
IP Count1 Time
Referral Amount20%

  Check CPM Of ILink Short

Pros & Cons Of ILinkshort

Before using the website, read the pros and cons very carefully. Every URL shortener has some pros & cons and we have mentioned the most important things in the list. Check out below.

1. This website offering you the best CPM all over the internet and we have personally used the website and made a good amount of money.1. ILinkshort is a new company So they can mismanage any of your data. Already they have changed their OLD website. In my opinion, they are trustful. Also, I have withdrawn a good amount from the website.
2. Fast payment process, leads ILinkshot at the top of all URL shortener companies. If you are in India then it is a very good news.2. They Only Count 1 IP for one day. If any visitor clicks the link 2-3 times it will not be counted. After 24 hours it will be restored.
3. Clear Landing page, Yes ILink Short never mislead their visitors to any third party website or any advertisement. The landing page is clean and very easy to use.3. You can not use adult traffic or boosted traffic using the ILinkshort. So if you are working on adult niches then ILinkshort not for you.
4. No Popup Ads, Currently we didn’t notice any kind of POPUP ads on their landing page. However, they may add some popup advertises in the future.4. If you are outside from India, Then you have to withdraw your money using Paypal only. They will add some other methods too.

That’s it, If you want to join the ILink Short Url shortening programme then click the below link and sign up and start sharing your links on your website, whatsapp, facebook anywhere you want. I have added my affiliate link in the button below So I will get 20% commision if you join using the link. It will help me a lot <3 

Image Of the Landing Page

ilinkshort landing page

  Join ILinkShort

#2. Shortzon

If you want to earn money by sharing links on facebook, whatsapp or putting shorted links on your website then Shortzon is the best website available on the internet. Currently, they are providing a good amount of CPM which you can check below, [Just Scroll Down To Check The CPM] also in India.

shortzon preview

Before joining the website, check the features and Pros and cons carefully. I have already used the service, and the service is very good, On time payment. Like any other URL shortener, you will get a monthly payout on this website.

Yes, you have to wait 1 month to get your payment, Yaap! It is like any job. So start your Job on shortzon and start sharing links. Now let’s talk about the features and the pros-cons of this website which I have mentioned in the below.

Features Of Shortzon

Here is the key features of shortzon, you can also figure out some extra features.

Features Of Shortzon
Minimum Payout$3
Landing Page Rating3.2/5
IP Count5
Referral Amount20%

   Check CPM Of Shortzon

Pros & Cons Of Shortzon

If you want to join the website then read the pros & cons very carefully. Here we have mentioned the problems and the best things on this website.

1. Very good payment system. Currently, they are providing all world payments. So now you can get your money anywhere you want.1. Website’s landing page is not clear, your visitors can be misled by the landing page. Because they want to increase the clicks, and I think they will change it very soon.
2. A very trustful company, Yes they are in this industry since very long. Also, they are giving payment time to time without any delay.2. You need to wait a month to get your earning because it is a monthly payment based company.
3. Instant Support, If you are facing any issues then you can contact them using Facebook, Live chat, and ticket. Their response time is very good.3. If you are in the Philippines then this URL shortener will give you $1 per 1000 clicks, So this is very low for Philippines users.

So, here are the pros & cons we have noticed using the website. However, if you found some new pros and cons then let us know in the comment section.

Image Of the Landing Page

shortzon landing page

  Join Shortzon

#3. ClicksFly

If you have a good amount of traffic then clicks fly is the best option. Also, they have their custom domains which will help you to share your links without getting banned by Facebook. It will also allow misled traffic, but the traffic has to be real because they added captcha in the landing page.

clicksfly preview

One of the biggest URL shortener and very old website. They have 1 Lakh+ users on their website and also paid over $10000+ since today. So, In my opinion, this is a good and trusted website to short your URLs and earn.

Features Of ClicksFly

Here are the key features of clicksfly, we have added all important informations below. Check it out and give us your opinion on clicksfly.

Features Of ClicksFly
CPM3.5 (India)
Minimum Payout$3
Landing Page Rating2.5 / 5
IP Count5
Referral Amount20%

  Check The CPM Of Clicksfly

Pros & Cons Of ClicksFly

before joining clicksfly, read these pros and cons very carefully. We have listed all problems and pros while using clicksfly. So I think these will help you.

1. It is a very old website and very trustworthy. Currently, they have users all over the world.1. Misleading landing page, yes they are using a huge amount of ads on their landing page. So your visitors may be in trouble to get the original destination.
2. As per them, they have 1 lakh users on their website and they have paid 10000$ till now.2. Bad CPM rates for India. yes if you want to monetize your Indian traffic then clicks fly is not the best option. They are giving $3.5 per 1000 views.
3. Good website UI, Mobile friendly website. So you can use the website on your mobile also.3. Many users complaining that the counter of clicksfly not working properly. But I think they already fixed the issues.

Image Of The Landing Page

clicksfly landing page

  Join ClicksFly

#4. Shortest

Since 3 years this URL shortener giving a huge amount of money to their users. Although this URL shortener is not in my favorite list, because their CPM is very low and minimum payout quota is very high. Also, I have checked some problem, which I have mentioned in the pros & cons section.

shortest preview

Features Of Shortest

Here are the key features of Shortest, If we missed any feature then let us know in the comment section.

Features Of Shortest
CPM$1.59 (India)
Minimum Payout$5
Landing Page Rating1.5/5
IP CountUnknown
Referral Amount20%

  Check CPM Of Shortest

Pros & Cons Of Shortest

Here is the pros & cons we have noticed while using the shortest. however if we missed any pros or cons then let us know in the comment section, We love to know that 🙂

1. The website is very old and they have a well-experienced tech team So you will not face any kind of technical issues.1. Website’s landing page filled with popup ads and the landing page is so misleading. It is 90% mislead your visitors to any advertisement.
2. Secure payment options, they have almost every payment options So you will not face any payment related issues.2. Also, the CPM of the shortest is very low compared to any other URL shorteners in the market.
3. Very nice UI and mobile-friendly interface. So you can access this website from your mobile device.3. Minimum payout of the shortest is also very high compared to any other website.

Image Of Landing Page

shortest landing page

  Join Shortest

#5. Adfly

Another trusted URL shortener is Adfly. Since, many years adfly in the URL shortener market. However, it has some pros and cons which we have listed in this post. So before using this website, read the pros and cons very carefully and then choose any URL shortener for your website to monetize your traffic.

adsfly preview

Features Of Adfly

Here are the key features of Adfly, Check Out Below.

Features Of Adfly
CPM4.48$ (India)
Minimum Payout$5
Landing Page Rating1.5/5
IP CountNot Known (Unlimited)
Referral AmountNot Known

  Check CPM Of Adfly

Pros & Cons Of Adfly

1. Adfly, is the most trusted URL shortener in the market. They are serving URL shorting service for a while.1. They are using popup ads on their landing page. So your visitor can be misled for the popup ads.
2. They have a good tech support and also the count is so accurate in this website.2. The landing pages are not mobile friendly and also they are serving some harmful installation on their landing page as advertisements.
3. CPM is a little bit high and also the wordwise traffic cost is good enough.3. If you are in India, you can find better URl shorter then this, because the CPM for India is not good at this time.

Image Of Landing Page

adsfly landing page

  Join Adfly

Final Words

This list fully based on my opinion and experience. However, give me your opinion on this list in the comment section below and also let us know if there are any new URL shortener launched which is much better then these 5 URL shorteners.

. Thanks for reading this, Please share the post with your friends and family if you liked it 🙂

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